The ceremony took place in the castle garden, with a view of the surrounding hills. The bride wore a long white dress with floral details, while the groom opted for an elegant dark blue suit. After the ceremony, the guests moved outside of the castle for dinner, where they enjoyed typical Lucania dishes. Basilicata is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Italian weddings. The region offers spectacular landscapes, from mountains to seas, and a variety of enchanting locations for wedding ceremonies, such as castles, masserie, villas and beaches. Moreover, the local cuisine with dishes such as pasta alla mollica, strascinati, caciocavallo podolica and Matera bread, along with local wines, is a real treat for wedding guests. With its mix of rustic and romantic atmosphere, Basilicata is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and authentic wedding experience in Italy.

This medieval castle is situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding valley and it is surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and well-tended gardens. Its ancient architecture and rustic charm create a romantic and evocative atmosphere that lends itself perfectly to a unique and elegant wedding. Moreover, the fact that the castle also has an outdoor area for wedding ceremonies and an indoor dining room for festivities makes it perfect for hosting weddings of various sizes and styles. Without a doubt, the San Basilio Castle is one of the best locations for a wedding in Basilicata.